There was a time on the internet (the early 2000s?) that was so beautiful. People would make fan sites for things, anything! and devote an incredible amount of passion and creativity into them. Maybe a few of them are still recognizable today like Mugglenet. Imagine if there were 100s of websites like Mugglenet devoted to Harry Potter. That was a reality, and that was indeed a time I found a lot of enjoyment in.

One of the remarkable things about that era, which I feel has faded away was also the considerable devotion to people’s personal sites. At the time, there was no real word for a ‘blog.’ The best way to put it is that people made their own sites about themselves they way they might make a devotion page to Hermione Granger - they’d list their likes and dislikes, post their art, show off their coding skills. A way that combined was something called ‘adoptables’ where you would make a character like a pixel dog or a cute small drawing of Sailor Moon, and you would upload it, and other people would come and put it on their own website and link back to you. They’d feature this on their main website, and if you adopted something from someone, they’d adopt something from you. A cuter way to do link backs. I’ve also heard these called ‘toyboxes.’

Here, I’m trying to bring back adoptables, so if you know anyone from around the web who does similar things, let me know! I am always scouting around for this particular bit of nostalgia.

Up for adoption, please provide link back to , made by me:


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My name is Sailor V and I’m from Chibi Land!

My name is Sailor V and I’m from Chibi Land!

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