Artists That Inspire: Jessica Harrison

It was Jessica's enamel figurines that caught my eye. Her beautiful statues remind me of the women that sit in my grandmother's glass cabinet except with a glorious twist...

                                                                           Image credit: Jessica Harrison/

These enamel figurines have ink on them!

The reason I love these so much is because they put a great modern day component onto something unexpected. Usually, the un-inked versions are sold in Hallmark stores and I always fantasize that these are the kind of things I would get people when I go to their weddings... or maybe I would buy for my wedding cake topper? Now that I know these exist though, I'll have to reconsider.

These are especially excellent because when I read articles about those considering tattoos, I see a lot of blogs and internet comments considering how tattoo placement will effect them on their wedding day.

I say that should not matter! If you want a tattoo on your back a wedding should be when you get to show it off not something you have to cover.

You can check out Jessica's work here.