All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

A lot of the books I choose to read, I don't read the description first. This happens when I am on Kindle and just don't feel like rifling through the awkward Kindle store and just go with either gut instinct, friend recommendations, or good read best of lists. In the case of All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood, I found it on the top of the best fiction list on good reads.

Buying this book blindly was strange. No one was more shocked than I when I realized the premise of the book: A romance between a child and a much older adult.

Normally, I would've turned away from this type of book but the writing was so incredibly well done that I couldn't help but continue on. I really urge anyone who feels repulsed to just read the first chapter, which you can do for free on Kindle or your local bookstore, and see if that chapter can memorize you as much as it memorized me. Then, you might be so hooked you have to just keep reading on despite your trepidations.

It was a Rollercoaster of a book where I found myself rooting for the characters despite what I know to be moral. I guess that is the point of a good book. Good writers can make you question yourself and see a different perspective even if it's just for a second.

I can't say I'm pro underage dating or marriage or anything because I read the book but I was able to get into the story without being so grossed out I had to set the book down. I actually read the book all in one sitting because I had a long flight (two six hour flights). The book got so intense in some spots I was forced to set it down, not because I didn't want to keep going, but because my brain needed a break for the craziness of it all.

This is define try a book I would recommend if you're interested in being moved by a story.