My First Time Sewing: Sailor Moon Cosplay Update


Ever since I started watching Sailor Moon early in the morning before I went to school, I knew I wanted to dress up as her. These were the Neopets and LiveJournal days! This allowed me to discover the world of cosplay easily after a CompuServe search of ‘Sailor Moon Costume’. The fact that people were making their own Sailor Scout outfits was so awesome to me. My mom had the mystical power of knowing how to sew, but for some reason that didn’t seem like enough to me. I wanted to be the one who created Usagi. I wanted the glory.

This led to a Young Anne requesting sewing lessons.

Young Annes are renowned to get frustrated easily... I never completed a sewing project which ranged from Christmas stockings to quilts. Looking back, I’m sure that frustrated my family but they were always supportive. Thus, I received my very own sewing machine upon moving out. Life happened and I never opened it... until now.

Cosplay has always been fascinating to me. I creep almost every great cosplayer on Instagram and watch a large menagerie of cosplay YouTube videos. Despite devouring the media, I’ve never made anything even with super glue.

sailor moon pattern.JPG

Fate would have it that about two years ago, I was walking around WalMart and saw the best thing ever. A sewing section! The closest sewing/hobby store to me was Michaels and Joann’s and both were about one hour away. Shockingly, the first pattern I pull out of the WalMart sewing cabby is Simplicity S0254 with is obviously Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon.

It had to be a sign.

I didn’t start sewing until a few months ago and by sewing, I mean trying to cut out too many pieces of pattern and fabric!

You would think that’s the easiest part but you’d be wrong. I guess there are things called the nap of the fabric which I completely disregarded so all the stretch is all wrong. I had no idea what selvages were.

Thank god for Google and that’s assuming I was reading everything else right and not making assumptions. Sewing is a completely new language which us non-sewists have no idea about. There’s also a few unwritten rules which I’ve only scratched the service on.

1. Apparently, you’re supposed to pin your entire pattern first before you even think about cutting.

2. I am not completely convinced that you have to wash your fabric before you work with it. Project Runway doesn’t?

3. Just because I don’t understand what pinning with the nap of the fabric means, doesn’t mean I should gloss over that detail and not do it.

After what seemed like ages, I had finally finished cutting everything last week! The takeaway lesson from cutting is attention to detail. Yes, it may seem simple to follow the lines, but sorting out the material and keeping them in piles and in number order would’ve saved me time.

This week, I finally started sewing.

I’m actually getting the hang of it. There’s more vocabulary that I didn’t know. For example, don’t baste fabric the way you would a turkey.

Of course, I’ve ripped out almost every seam I’ve put in due to a few problems like sewing stuff upside down, inside out, etc but I can say with confidence this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten on any pattern ever. I guess the only way to learn for me is to be motivated by the end state. I am so excited to one day cosplay as Sailor Moon that I’m willing to go through the hustle of trying this pattern that is way too advanced for me.

I finished the top part of the body suit, but alas, it doesn’t fit over my head. Guess I will have to add in my own zipper or try to redo it or add in another panel? It’s all very unclear.

Sewing kind of feels like the test they made you take in grade school where they showed you images of a piece of paper being folded and then stapled, and you had to answer with the correct image of where the staple holes would be if you unfolded it again.

Mind is blown.

Wish me luck on this cosplay. Maybe I will finish it before Halloween?