A French woman once told me I was too obsessed with death when I told her about my bucket list. I don't necessarily think it's an obsession with death but just a way to plan life. While I'm rather type A, I know that I can't put dates to things years in advance (except for Disneyland tickets) so a bucket list gives me a chance to plan without the formalities.

PSA: Bucket lists are always changing and evolving but should I complete something while it is listed here, I will bold it off and link it to a blog post I hopefully write about the experience. Also, the list is in no particular order.

1. Finish a Goodreads challenge. Completed my Goodreads 2018 Challenge! Blog post here.

2. Hike Machu Picchu 

3. Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

4. Lavender fields of the South of France while they are blooming.

5. Own a dog.

6. Show my art in a gallery.

7. Learn to make an animated short.

8. Post weekly for an entire year on a blog.

9. See the Northern Lights.

10. Enter a cosplay competition. 

11. Go on a writing retreat.

12. Write a letter to Taylor Swift.

13. Write a book...tbd if wanting to publish traditionally. 

14. Get diving certification.

15. Own a paddle board (and use it often).

16. Do a perfect pull-up.

17. Visit the Vatican and live out all my Theology dreams.

18. Compete in a trap/skeet competition. 

19. Get a masters degree. 

20. Volunteer at the same place for at least a year.

21. Eat black truffle in France.

22. Bring Matt to Paris and Avignon. 

23. Sell something at a craft fair.

24. Ride in a hot air balloon.

25. Hike every trail at a state or national park.

26. Sleep in a yurt.

27. Sleep in an igloo.

28. Go to a high school reunion.

29. Go to Fordham’s jubilee (college reunion).

30. Send out Christmas cards.

31. Make a coloring book.

32. Try vlogging: 10 videos in three months.

33. Get 200 hour yoga teacher certified.

34. Go to comicon.

35. Flip a house.

36. Bake a cake for someone’s birthday.

37. Build a pizza/bread oven.

38. Cook every dish in one cookbook.

39. Visit the Galapagos on a National Geographic cruise.

more to be added