Bucket List

I've always been obsessed with bucket lists from a young age. I'm not sure if it's just the internet lifestyle that I grew up and embraced which means I've seen images and read blogs for years and just love learning about new things that I could potentially experience. A French woman once told me I was too obsessed with death when I told her about my bucket list. I don't necessarily think it's an obsession with death but just a way to plan life. While I'm rather type A, I know that I can't put dates to things years in advance (except for Disneyland tickets) so a bucket list gives me a chance to plan without the formalities.

PSA: Bucket lists are always changing and evolving but should I complete something while it is listed here, I will cross it off and link it to a blog post I hopefully write about the experience. Also, the list is in no particular order.

1. Finish a Goodreads challenge.

2. Hike Machu Picchu 

3. Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

4. Lavender fields of the South of France while they are blooming.

5. Own a dog.

6. Show my art in a gallery.

7. Learn to make an animated short.

8. Post weekly for an entire year on a blog.

9. See the Northern Lights.

10. Enter a cosplay competition. 

11. Go on a writing retreat.

12. Write a letter to Taylor Swift.

13. Write a book...tbd if wanting to publish traditionally. 

14. Get diving certification.

15. Own a paddle board (and use it often).

16. Do a perfect pull-up.

17. Visit the Vatican and live out all my Theology dreams.

18. Compete in a trap/skeet competition. 

19. Get a masters degree. 

20. Volunteer at the same place for at least a year.

21. Eat black truffle in France.

22. Bring Matt to Paris and Avignon.